Good Contact Time - to help parents who live apart from their children
 Good Contact Time    - to help parents who live apart from their children

Drawing on personal experience and conversations with parents who live apart from their children I could see a gap between these parents and what's available to help them. The Guide is designed to fill this gap and has been described by users and supporters in the following ways:

  • a wheel invented (users don't have to start from scratch)

  • an emergency survival pack

  • a foot firmly on the first rung of the ladder

  • a map or blueprint of what to aim for

  • a wake-up call for separated parents to do more and better in the interests of their children and themselves - when children are caught up in family breakdown good contact time is very important for their emotional well-being and for their development in general.


Especially in the early days of living apart from your children you probably don't have the time to research what's available. You perhaps don't even know what areas to concentrate on and you are probably too upset about the whole situation to think about it as clearly as you normally would. The Guide has been designed especially with this situation in mind but could also be useful to parents who have planned contact time with their children for a number of years.


When a parent (mother or father) becomes a non-resident parent, their life is thrown into turmoil. They lose their home and family but still have to continue working to help provide for them. Their health and energy levels suffer and their emotions are highly stressed. In such circumstances it is hardly surprising if these parents struggle to re-establish their relationship with their children in the new situation. What's needed is some good and easily accessed practical advice which is brought to their attention at an early stage. I set up this website in 2014 because I could find nothing existing which fitted this bill.