Good Contact Time - to help parents who live apart from their children
 Good Contact Time    - to help parents who live apart from their children


If you are a parent living apart from your children and you are looking for good things to do when you see them, you have come to the right place. When children are caught up in family breakdown good contact time is very important for their emotional well-being and for their development in general. The page I have called "The Guide" gives some general advice and many links to carefully chosen websites, organisations, books and publications. I hope everyone using The Guide will find it very helpful.


Warning! - if you think you don't need this website, please think again. Getting a Child Arrangements Order (previously Contact Order) and setting up a Parenting Agreement are only the start. Two recent major studies (taken together) show that in 40% of cases fathers who no longer live with their children fail to establish meaningful contact with them; this tallies with Gingerbread reporting that only 65% of children have any contact with their non-resident fathers (there are no similar studies regarding non-resident mothers). So unless you are very sure that you won't become one of the 40%..... use what this website offers!


Already lost contact?  A good place to start is the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) - use the link in The Guide.


Grandparents There are three things you can do. If you have lost contact already follow the advice above - it is possible for grandparents to set up time for themselves with an NACCC Contact Centre, although more usually they attend their son/daughter's time by invitation. Encourage your son or daughter to use this website - this will strengthen their relationship with the children, and as a consequence the children's relationship with you. Use the Guide yourselves for your own contact with the children. 


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IMPORTANT  NOTE: The websites, organisations, books, publications etc. mentioned in the Guide have been carefully chosen but any advice they give stands independently and the author of the Guide and any organisation recommending or issuing the Guide can take no responsibility for this advice.